Reynolds and Reynolds

August 2021 - Present

Summary: Project Manager / Analyst

Coordinate with clients and service providers to configure and launch VOIP telephone systems with integrated applications that meet specific client needs and timeframes.

Provide tier 1-3 support assisting customers in maintaining, reconfiguring, and troubleshooting VOIP telephone systems integrated with multiple applications.

Utilize Microsoft Windows, Office applications, and VBA coding to automate and streamline processes.

Reduced a daily process down from 45 minutes to less than 3 minutes.

Created and maintain a database of internal statistics data and dashboards of metadata for management.


I started at Reynolds and Reynolds as a RITS (Reynolds Integrated Telephone System) Analyst. In this role I provide tech support to our customers. This runs a gambit anywhere between helping a user properly use their phone (tier 1 support) through troubleshooting why specific traffic is failing to navigate a site-to-site connection over the internet and adjusting the network to accommodate (tier 3 support). We do it all, whatever it takes to make the system and all its integrations work as the customer needs it to.

I have always had great customer service skills, and my quick learning and technical aptitude has served me well in this role. I took on additional responsibilities within our department and took initiative to solve problems no one expected anyone but our software development team could attempt.

It has been in pursuing these extra responsibilities that I have discovered a love of data analysis and project planning.

Project Management:

In 2022 Reynolds acquired Proton Dealership IT, mainly to take advantage of their cybersecurity products that Reynolds could package in with their services. However, Proton is an entire MSP (Managed Service Provider) and one of the services they provide is installing a GoTo Connect VOIP telephone system.

Proton found themselves with too much VOIP project work for their team to handle, and, not wanting their new acquisition to suffer, Reynolds offered me the opportunity to take on the new role of a Project Manager for Proton's VOIP telecom team.

I have enjoyed stretching my organizational and planning skills in this new role, and find I thrive on turning chaotic constraints into structured workflow. I work with many people from every side of business in this role, and am learning to account for people in planning and growing my communication skills daily.